From before to now, from inside to outside (De antes a ahora y de dentro afuera.)

I work with materials and concepts that are like elements from the past and I transform them to make them part of my present time. I rely on the memories and the interest and feelings that each material brings to me. Embroidery, collage and painting are the usual techniques in my works and I consider the simple elaboration and preparation of each piece a routine, and the repetition of a gesture, a shape or color help me to create moments of calm.

I outline subjective images through abstraction, geometric shapes, the textile world and poetry. With them, I build fantastic places where I’d rather lose myself. The titles, words or phrases of some of my art works have their origin in a mixture of poetry confession and esthetic performance.

Thread and needle used to be part of woman’s art such as Louise Bourgeois or Gunta Stölzl, and are also part of my tools. I design new abstract landscape through them and I embroider the damage caused by the lapse of time, the material and emotional wear and tear (as Louise Bourgeois said ‘The needle is used to repair the damage’).

My education, the nuns of my childhood; I always used to choose wooden work for boys.

My grandma and the crochet, I never wanted to learn things for girls.

The carnal vision of a thread crossing the fabric, materials that I now feel safe with.

The passing time and the nature are two existing elements in my work. Time, aggressor of materials and transformer of our own self. Nature, close and distant at the same time, recycling itself in each season, healing its own wounds to become the same again.


The points or moles in many of my works escape from a two dimensions plane in this project in order to form intriguing organic volumes which are alive. With the sphere as the original form and fabric as material, I shape abstract sculptures emerging from the accumulation and repetition of a pattern and color, resulting in textile textures.

The appropriation of the Catholic religion pyx as a referent to develop a personal reinterpretation is my starting point. I apply gold and blue, quite representative of the religious iconography as a vehicle to associate the pieces to a celestial, eternal and divine world.


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