Zaragoza, 1980. Biassu is a multidisciplinary artist, specialized in ceramic sculpture along her career. She has not forgotten audiovisual media and painting, as well as other disciplines such as engraving.

Biassu’s investigations and experiments are based on the visibility of the intangible. She looks for a balance between strength and weakness, between chaos and tranquility.

Some of her remarkable awards are the First Prize of the 11th Contest of Plastic Arts “José Lapayese Bruna” by the Jiloca Center of Studies; the Extension and Perfection of Artistic Studies Award by the Local Council Office of Zaragoza; the First Special Jury Award of the 15th Contest of Ceramics ‘City of Valladolid’; the Second Prize of the 10th International Contest of Plastic Arts ‘University of Zaragoza’ by the University of Zaragoza; the Special Jury Award of the 24th Art Award ‘Santa Isabel of Aragon, Queen of Portugal’, Second Prize of its 29th Edition, both granted by the Local Council Office of Zaragoza.

SPACE GAMES _ Synopsis of the project

Space Games is composed of a series of works where the visual space and the gallery space are filled with every day fictitious objects, creating a new reality, new associations and symbolisms by linking games and poetry in blacks and whites, main characteristic of the artist’s work.

The exhibition shows an artificial world to think about. An ironic and oneiric game in which the audience will find an irreal reality which is not so different from their own universe. In it, the scenes appear as timeless windows mixing the immediate and the furthest, the continuity and the dispersion.
The space is the central axis of reality abstraction.

Four Dimensions